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Pegasus for FinTech: autmatic text summarization for financial news

Pegasus 4 FinTech: This is BIG

I bet you spent a lot of time reading financial news, looking for the perfect shorting/longing stock. And, I bet that you don't have time enough to read all the data. And, this is 2021, and once again, HugginFace comes to save your time with his NLP models. Enjoy in financial texts summarization: three paragraphs in two short sentences. ... Read More

GPT-3 Overhyped

As from the very beginning, when it apears, GPT-3 is producing hype. And with a reason: it is the most advanced language model ever built. But, is it overyped? Researchers at Nabla, an AI-enabled healthcare platform, found that GPT-3 lacks the logical reasoning skills to be a useful medical chatbot.What ... Read More
A Great Menthor

A Great Mentor Notes

“If you think about the most valuable advice I’ve ever gotten from a mentor, it was this: if you’re going to be a coach in any capacity, just make a commitment. Because it takes a lot of work to be good at something you love. You can learn a lot ... Read More
QuantumStat NLP on steroids

QuantumStat: NLP on Steroids

Introduction Anather post related to NLP and transfer-learning paradigm. Since at least in the after-BERT era it is not preferable to train your own model for anything related to NLP, the normal way of doing things is: Find a model that is already fine-tuned for your purpose, and Use it, ... Read More