AI as New Elctiricity

AI as New Electricity?

Will AI become the new electricity? We all need it, but we can't produce it by ourselves on the scale we need it. Starting with GPT-3. ... Read More

Now it’s official: We didn’t Understand how Neural Networks work Till Now

First, we created Neural Networks with neurons as building blocks to analogy the neurons in the human brain. Then, we started to think that we can figure out what is going on in the human brain, analyzing the behavior of the artificial neural networks. What arrogance: we are not nearly close to the behavior of the neurons in the human brain and eons far away from figuring out what is going on in the human brains. ... Read More
Data Science for Stock markets

Data Science for Stock market these days

We are living in an in intriguing time, for Data Science at least. We have Corona. No past data to train our models on whatsoever related. And social media increased the importance. Hard to train models for such circumstances. ... Read More
JavaScript Programming

JavaScript for DataScience

Like it or not, JavaScript is here to stay. Tensorflow models can be accessed by JavaScript, so do Torch ones. And node.js is something that allows to use JavaScript in command line. So, deal with it, on the proper way, and take the best of JavaScript. Of course, you don’t ... Read More
Interesting AI Startups

Unknown but Innovative Cool and Scarry

AI innovation is not only AI research. And Google, DeepMind, Facebook, and OpenAI are not the only AI innovators. Innovation is also to find exciting use-cases where nobody looked for them yet, and scale them beyond imaginable. This article is about a few of the unknown, yet innovative companies with ... Read More