Blaze Koneski Digitalized

Blaze Koneski Digitalized

Blaze Koneski Digitalized

An automated poetry generator in Blaze Koneski’s style.
A new meaning of the term “digitalization” 🙂

Ноќеска слушав песна
на пуста нива,
во час на самрак,
на шир

А како се смешкаш како изворче:
кога ќе заситиш,
можеш да си кажеме – лебна трошка

Starting with the Macedonian GPT-2, fine-tuning it with Blaze Koneski’s poetry … A little bit of experimenting with the training parameters.
What you get is software capable of automatically generating poetry in Blaze Koneski’s style.
Enjoy the results, presented at:

For advanced readers with a background in AI and neural networks, the process of gradually learning Blaze Koneski’s writing style can be observed more granularly on the following pages:

The same process, even in more detail, as directly captured from the training logs, can be seen on the following pages:



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