July 2021

Some thoughts about GPT-3

GPT-3 is Not a Way to To Go and Here’s Why

Introduction You simply couldn’t miss the GPT-3 hype. Everybody loves it. From the very first day when it was “shown”. “Shown” in quotes because the number of the people that were able to play with it was, and still is, very constrained. I gained access to it a couple of ... Read More
GPT-2 in Serbian

Serbian Automatic Text Generator Released

Till yesterday: GPT-2 models only in English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Persian, Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Macedonian. Since today: GPT-2 model in the Serbian language as well.AI/Deep-Learning based, trained in an entirely self-supervised way. ... Read More
AI as New Elctiricity

AI as New Electricity?

Will AI become the new electricity? We all need it, but we can't produce it by ourselves on the scale we need it. Starting with GPT-3. ... Read More