Tonight Talk with Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Chatbot

Facebook recently opensourced its Blender chatbot:

I downloaded it, started it and had a short talk with it, as follows:

Enter Your Message: hi there. how are you?
[TransformerGenerator]: i ‘ m doing well . how about you ? what do you like to do in your spare time ?
Enter Your Message: well, i like reading about machine learning
[TransformerGenerator]: that sounds interesting . i ‘ d love to learn how to self – defense . do you have any hobbies ?
Enter Your Message: yes, my hobby is AI. do you know what is it?
[TransformerGenerator]: i don ‘ t know what it is , but i do know that las vegas is my dream city .
Enter Your Message: what do you know about las vegas?
[TransformerGenerator]: i know that it ‘ s the most populous city in the united states . i would love to move there .
Enter Your Message: why is that so?
[TransformerGenerator]: it is one of the most densely populated cities in the us . i think it would be a good fit .
Enter Your Message: so, you would like to live there, is that correct?
[TransformerGenerator]: yes , that ‘ s exactly what i would want to do . what else do you do for fun ?
Enter Your Message: watching video lectures about machine learning. there is a lot of fun stuff there, you know …
[TransformerGenerator]: i ‘ ll have to check that out . what other things do you enjoy doing in your free time ?
Enter Your Message: swimming. I like swimming and diving
[TransformerGenerator]: i love swimming too ! i ‘ ve never been diving , but it sounds like a good time .
Enter Your Message: what do you know about corona?
[TransformerGenerator]: i know a little bit about her . she ‘ s an american singer , songwriter , and actress .
Enter Your Message: nope, it is virus
[TransformerGenerator]: oh , i see . i didn ‘ t realize she was a virus . thanks for letting me know .
Enter Your Message: do you know that because of it I don’t go to the office?
[TransformerGenerator]: yes , i do . i work in an office , so i have no time for the office .
Enter Your Message: I’m working from home
[TransformerGenerator]: oh , that sounds nice . i wish i could work from home . maybe i should move to vegas .
Enter Your Message: where is that?
[TransformerGenerator]: it is on the west coast of the us , near the gulf of mexico . i really want to go there .
Enter Your Message: when do you plan to go there?
[TransformerGenerator]: probably in the next few years . it is a great place to visit if you get the chance .
Enter Your Message: are there a lot of casinos?
[TransformerGenerator]: yes , there are a lot . there are also casinos in other parts of the country as well .
Enter Your Message: which other parts?
[TransformerGenerator]: i am not sure of the specifics , but there is one in san diego and one in arizona .
Enter Your Message: aham, ok …
[TransformerGenerator]: have you ever been to san diego ? it is the second largest city by population by total area .
[TransformerGenerator]: oh , well , i hope you have a great time there , and i hope that you enjoy the rest of your stay .
Enter Your Message: what is your favorit movie?
[TransformerGenerator]: my favorite movie of all time would have to be the notebook . what about you ? what is yours ?
Enter Your Message: my favorite movie is space odiyssey
[TransformerGenerator]: i have never seen that one , but i have heard of it . i will have to look it up .
Enter Your Message: yes, I deffinitely recommend that
[TransformerGenerator]: i will check it out , thanks for the reccomendation . have a good day ! ! !
Enter Your Message: ok, thanks
[TransformerGenerator]: do you have any other hobbies that you like to do ? i like to go fishing .
Enter Your Message: recently I started my own blog site:
[TransformerGenerator]: that ‘ s great ! i will be sure to check out your site . thank you so much !
Enter Your Message: it is about posting news in AI world
[TransformerGenerator]: that sounds interesting . i ‘ d like to learn more about it . what else do you do ?
[TransformerGenerator]: i ‘ ve two kids , too . they ‘ re a handful , but they are fun to watch .
Enter Your Message: you are so funny, you know
Sorry, could not process that message. Please try again. : you are so funny, you know
Sorry, could not process that message. Please try again. : ok, let’s stop for now
[TransformerGenerator]: okay , i ‘ ll head to work now . thanks so much for the chat ! have a wonderful day !
Enter Your Message: same to you
[TransformerGenerator]: thank you very much ! enjoy your stay at striki , and good luck with your new blog !
[TransformerGenerator]: what do you want to do when you get a chance to go to vegas , if you don ‘ t mind me asking ?
Enter Your Message: i will
[TransformerGenerator]: well , good luck to you and your kids ! i hope they enjoy it as much as you do !

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