bored humans

When Humans are Bored

In the absence of something cool I could find on the Internet about AI, I’m sharing with you BoredHumans.com. Enjoy 🙂 ... Read More
Rubics Cube


Remember Rubics Cube? If not, check this out: Now, with Deep Learning hype and Reiforcement learning, we got this: And the result is (ok, maybe there will be some ad at the beginning): Hint: robot solved it in 0.38 secs. ... Read More
nlp, transformers and adapter

AdapterHub: New Kid on the Block for Transfer Learning

Introduction First, there was a BERT, at least all of this started with it. It is a general-purpose language model, once pre-trained for different languages and in different size variations. If you wanted to use it for some specific task, you should fine-tune it in a way that you take ... Read More
about gpt-3 again

About GPT-3. Again.

There is a lot of hype about GPT-3 since it appeared. Everybody was so excited about its results. It doesn’t need fine-tuning for some specific task, which is quite an impressive result. Also, it is very good at writing poems, writing code, and SQL queries at the same time. Isn’t ... Read More

Abot Vaex: The Best Datarames Library

I’m interested in a fast and effective Dataframes library for a while. Pandas is defacto data frame library of choice in Python and Data Science, having in mind the easy of its use and available features. However, most of the time it is used for data previewing, analysis, and the ... Read More

Facebook Blender

I’m playing a lot these days with chatbots. I fount this link interesting: About my own experience with Blender: ... Read More
JavaScript Programming

JavaScript for DataScience

Like it or not, JavaScript is here to stay. Tensorflow models can be accessed by JavaScript, so do Torch ones. And node.js is something that allows to use JavaScript in command line. So, deal with it, on the proper way, and take the best of JavaScript. Of course, you don’t ... Read More