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Now it’s official: We didn’t Understand how Neural Networks work Till Now

First, we created Neural Networks with neurons as building blocks to analogy the neurons in the human brain. Then, we started to think that we can figure out what is going on in the human brain, analyzing the behavior of the artificial neural networks. What arrogance: we are not nearly close to the behavior of the neurons in the human brain and eons far away from figuring out what is going on in the human brains. ... Read More
Can AI decisions be explained?

Can AI Be Explained – Should This Be Questioned?

Introduction Can AI be explainable? I seriously doubt 100% AI explainability. Maximum we can expect is to be understood as much as human expert opinion is. And the latter is far from 100% explainable. Let me explain. ML and AI, in general, are taking over more and more activities that ... Read More