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Strimlit Library


If you are a data scientist who doesn’t want to spend time on creating a website, and you still wish to show the results of your work, this is perfect for you: Check it out. I’m alrady using it 🙂 ... Read More
Minority Report

Remember Minority Report?

Do you remember Minority Report movie? Well, it is not that far away from now. But anyway, in USA they don’t make it on the right way … ... Read More
Deploying Machine Learnng Models

Deploying Machine Learning Models

Introduction Deploying machine learning models into production is a separate step of the Machine Learning pipeline. It comes after the research phase, covered with analyzing data, feature engineering, and feature selection. The Machine Learning model shows its full value when the company that produced it is generating predictions using fully ... Read More
Feature Selection for Machine Learning

Feature Selection in Machine Learning

Feature Selection Introduction Feature selection is a method of selecting a subset of all features provided with observations data to build the optimal Machine Learning model. Well implemented feature selection leads to faster training and inference as well as better performing trained models. Other benefits from proper feature selection are ... Read More
Feature Engineering in Machine Learning

Feature Engineering in Machine Learning

INTRODUCTION INTO FEATURE ENGINEERING Feature engineering is a process of preparing and changing input data to be ready to be used for training Machine Learning models. From the feature engineering point of view, there are the following types of features numerical categorical date and time mixed. Mixed features term can ... Read More