How to Use Today’s IT Tech for Your Own Benefit? Enjoy the recommendation systems.

New tech advances: Recommendation Systems at a scale

New tech advances: Recommendation Systems at a scale

Recommendation Systems at a global scale

Short Introduction

It was Covid-19, so we exposed our presence to the bits and bytes more than usual, or just a regular IT tech trends continuation, we’ll never know. However, at least to me, the last year was quite revealing in many ways to show to me the modern days tech advances that looked like “ah, only in SF movies” just one year ago.

Let’s start with the facts

So, few facts:

  1. We are present on the Internet, one way or another. Very close to 100% of all of our information flow processed by our brains goes through the Internet wires.
  2. Internet wires mean that wiretapping is not a possibility, not nice-to-have or doable-but-not-ethical, but merely a feature of today’s technology. Wiretapping is simply there but done by machines. Will humans read the automatically generated reports? If some human finds a financial gain in it, he will surely do.
  3. Questioning “is this ethical”, “is somebody doing this”, and “can somebody take advantage of this” is wasting of time. You can’t stop the wind, you know, it’s merely there, like it or not.

How to use it for our own benefit

  1. You want to find something out there, a.k.a. Internet. It’s a butterfly in your stomach; you haven’t wordified it yet. I know “wordifiy” is not recognized as an English word, yet you can easily capture its meaning since you are running on neurons.
  2. You start to search for something you still don’t know how to describe on Google. 
  3. Google already figured out what you are looking for. He can wordify it now correctly for you.
  4. You count up to 60 * 15 == 15 minutes.
  5. You refresh your already opened Facebook.
  6. Voila, several ads for the topics you wanted to know about, but you didn’t know how to ask for.
  7. Be patient until the next day. The next day, let’s say at 8:00 AM, you receive an email from, with their regular Medium Daily Digest emails. 
  8. You are now perfectly capable of learning more on the topic you asked for on Google a few hours ago, with several probably unsuccessful searches, since you didn’t know how to describe to Google yet what you are looking for.
  9. Open LinkedIn. You are suggested to connect to the people that share your new interest, and you see posts from such people oh the top of the page. Now you know exactly to whom to talk in person about your new topic of interest.
  10. Open AliExpres and pages. They already have prepared recommendations for some items related to your new topic of interest.
  11. Watch out for Google and Facebook ads for several days. They are becoming more and more accurate for your current topic you are interested in as you open the links you received as initially generated recommendations and ads.
  12. Enjoy the miracles of the modern days IT tech. If some technology doesn’t appear as a miracle to ordinary users, it is not advanced enough.

Bonus answers to a few questions

  1. Are Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, Amazon, and AliExpress interconnected on a real-time basis? Yes, of course.
  2. And Microsoft? Yes, of course.
  3. Are your talks over Skype processed by the machines and used for recommendations on Google and Facebook? Yes, of course.
  4. Am I paranoid? Nope. I am just sharing my experience with you.


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