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Interesting AI Startups

Interesting AI Startups

AI innovation is not only AI research. And Google, DeepMind, Facebook, and OpenAI are not the only AI innovators. Innovation is also to find exciting use-cases where nobody looked for them yet, and scale them beyond imaginable. This article is about a few of the unknown, yet innovative companies with exciting offerings.

Usecases covered: text-to-speeh, image recognition and training data supply.


Talking about cut, glued, mounted audio recordings? You are so old-fashioned. You don’t need to cut, glue, and mount audio recordings at all 🙂 All you need is AI.

It’s your AI voice clone. We capture your unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range to create a realistic Replica Voice.

Upload recordings or perform one of our scripts to create your own Replica Voice.


We’ve developed an AI that can replicate the human voice with a few minutes of speech, and made this video featuring Celebrity ‘Replica’ voices.



  • Preserving the voices of people with health conditions that may lead to loss of the ability to talk, ALS, for example.
  • Marketplace for the voices of the world. Morgan Freeman, did you saved your voice? What are you waiting for?
  • Let me stop my imagination here 🙂


Record. Transcribe. Edit. Mix. As easy as typing.
Take control of your podcast with Descript.


In short: edit your audio speech in real-time as you edit your text in MS Word: copy, cut, paste, edit, save. Using a text editor.


“Think big” is their moto, obviously.

Clearview AI is a new research tool used by law enforcement agencies to identify perpetrators and victims of crimes.
Clearview AI’s technology has helped law enforcement track down hundreds of at-large criminals, including pedophiles, terrorists and sex traffickers. It is also used to help exonerate the innocent and identify the victims of crimes including child sex abuse and financial fraud.
Using Clearview AI, law enforcement is able to catch the most dangerous criminals, solve the toughest cold cases and make communities safer, especially the most vulnerable among us.

https://clearview.ai/ Finding perpetrators and victims. What else can be found?

“Clearview AI is hands-down the best thing that has happened to victim identification in the last 10 years. Within a week and a half of using Clearview AI, [we] made eight identifications of either victims or offenders through the use of this new tool.”

https://clearview.ai/ Cool.

It’s image recognition scaled to the maximum. They take an image of a person and then search through images and videos available all over the Internet for a match. They cover images and videos posted on the most popular social media and video streaming sites, and Facebook, YouTube, and Venmo are just some of them. They keep them on their servers. And they provide results with acceptable “thinking” wait time.

The size of the Clearview database dwarfs others in use by law enforcement. The FBI’s own database, which taps passport and driver’s license photos, is one of the largest, with over 641 million images of US citizens.

What if a stranger could snap your picture on the sidewalk, then use an app to quickly discover your name, address and other details? A startup called Clearview AI has made that possible, and its app is being used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the US, including the FBI, according to a Saturday report in The New York Times. 

The app, says the Times, works by comparing a photo to a database of more than 3 billion pictures that Clearview says it’s scraped off FacebookVenmoYouTube and other sites. It then serves up matches, along with links to the sites where those database photos originally appeared. A name might easily be unearthed, and from there other info could be dug up online.


We are all logged in into the database somewhere and anybody can find us, that is the future …The entire Internet is a database … anywhere where there is a photo or video attached publicly … Every photo of you online most like has been tracked … scrapped entire Internet … created a database with billions of images and videos…

From the video bellow

Hear this by yourself watching this interview:

Does this look to you as a dark gray zone in GDPR based laws? Well, not only to you and me …

Still, from the technological point of view, it’ a fantastic result. I’m genuinely impressed.

VA Shield

AI against ML attacks … Multicool 🙂

This sounds surreal. Do machines still need us?

VA Shield analyzes requests, responses and conversations to and from the system to provide a new layer of supervision. Customizable policies empower companies to allow, prevent or monitor conversations to block malicious use and to prevent compromised systems from releasing confidential, false or improper information. VA Shield adds a critical Zero Trust security framework to the Virtual Assistant Chatbot system. Detailed analytics are also tracked by VA Shield to allow for deeper business insight on the use of the Virtual Assistant Chatbot.


Lionbridge AI

You need training data for your AI model?

Lionbridge provides human-labeled data
for hundreds of use cases


The company has over 50 offices around the world, and a community of over 1 million contributors that help to create training data.

Any idea about the scale of their training data, and the set of covered use-cases for training AI models? Have they missed something? Probably not. Yet.

Any idea about AI models usage in everyday life, based on training data with this scale?

After all, one small bonus from them:


For the End

These were only a few of the AI startups that operate around the world. The scale of work of some of them is more than impressive. What is really interesting is the question of what else is out there that we haven’t heard of yet.

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